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Get Ready for the Ultimate Galactic Sex Adventure!

Board your ship and embark on a thrilling cosmic journey in search of the lustiest and lewdest space sluts in the universe! Bring them on board your research vessel where you can customize their looks in your bio-metrics lab, probe and experiment on them in your high-tech test chamber, or create virtual scenes using your ship's Cyber-Masturbatorium – all in the name of science! Welcome aboard, Captain!

Your sexual desires know no planetary limits! Engage in wild experiments in your advanced test chamber and encounter beautiful women ready to push the boundaries of sexual exploration! Explore and dive into the pleasures of sex and lust in space! Your fantasies are just a warp jump away from becoming reality, Captain!

Harness the power of your ship's Cyber Masturbatorium to create any scene you desire! Pose, animate, spawn toys and objects, adjust lighting, and more. At the heart of Captain Hardcore is a deep sexual sandbox that allows you to experiment as much as you like!

Discovering the universe has never been so mesmerizing as you navigate through diverse locations, each boasting its own unique environment, dangers, and seductive inhabitants. Traverse the uncharted expanse of the galaxy and unlock its deepest secrets as you become the most outstanding scientist and sexual explorer in the universe!

Tailor your crew to match your deepest desires, fine-tuning every aspect to create the perfect team. How will your unique style and choices shape the appearance of your crew? Each time you revisit your vessel, you can experiment with different body types, skins, faces, hair, and more, ensuring your crew is as alluring as they are adventurous!

Elevate your immersion to a whole new level by connecting sexual toys and raising the pleasure of your adventures! Captain Hardcore supports an extensive array of sex toys, allowing you to engage your senses and experiment with new ways to achieve satisfaction! Prepare to explore uncharted realms of pleasure!

Embark on an amazing sexual experience in VR or Desktop mode! Regardless of your choice, the galaxies always hold many mysteries and surprises for your sexual adventures! Start your ships engines and become the one and only Captain Hardcore!

Check out the Patreon page for more info!

Videos: https://www.redgifs.com/users/antizero

The free demo lets you test out the physics, fluids, posing and some of the customisation options. Support on Patreon to unlock all features including full nudity, animation recording, scene saving, the ship, Vive tracker support and over 20 toys.


Captain Hardcore Free Demo.rar

Install instructions

For help installing and general troubleshooting please visit the Captain Hardcore FAQ here: https://captain-hardcore.com/faq/

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How does the Quest standalone version of this game compare to the PCVR version?


I dont mind to pay for a good game but I have no access to Steam and I dont want to register with Patreon for monthly charges.


Steam pc is free


Steam VR makes playing none Steam games easy too but adding the to your account as none steam games 🙏


hi, is there any other way to buy this game? (I can't pay for patreon with a gift card.


Estimated steam drop?


I don't recall the exact time frame, but I have heard somewhere that it's a long, long way off. A few years at least.

I don't have a VR capable PC, so I'm playing the Quest version.

Are there plans to improve the visual quality for the quest 3 in the future?

So I have the actual game itsself for the quest 2 but its really bland... Only like one model you can use and 2 maps.. Dont know if its still in development or what but its confusing

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The Quest version has fewer options than the PC version due to the limited power/memory available but you should have more options than that, maybe you have an old version?

so i downloaded the free demo 0.16 and i got my quest plugged in and all, i click on the Captain Hardcore game from files and it just doesnt even pop up. what do i do?

Hello, did you extract the files before running? Please check the faq here for more troubleshooting: https://captain-hardcore.com/faq/

If you still need support please send an email to antizerogames@gmail.com or message me on Discord username "antizero"

Which version of 7-zip do I need to get?

The latest 64-bit Windows .exe version, alternatively you could use WinRar

Sorry, I couldn't message you on Patreon so I' writing my issue here. There was a glitch or something because Idk how it happened but after I downloaded the game and sideloaded it, I copied and pasted the key but it said I didn't have a tier. When I went back to the patreon website it said I wasn't a Patron. Any help, please?

Hello sorry for the late reply,  it sounds like it's best to contact Patreon about this. Or, if you join Discord you can message me directly https://discord.gg/euXVtEv89c

This sounds really interesting, I do like sci fi. However, is this actually a game, or just a love-doll simulator? We already have a million games out there where you can just shove a dildo into a empty puppet and simulate a sex scene. I'm really hoping to find a VR game where there's an actual plot, storyline and characters.

That would be very nice, to actually have a story and characters. Sadly missing from most adult VR games.


how do i open rar files?


You can use 7 Zip or Winrar


Hi, in the FAQ we have

"The game crashes without an error message

This can be caused by a driver bug on some Intel 10/11th gen processors. Try running the game through “Intel OpenSSL Fix.bat” inside the FluidGame directory."

so the Intel OpenSSL Fix.bat isnt on the demo, and i would love to see before buying the game.


Hello, try this: https://support.gog.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019775837-Game-does-not-launch-Inte...

It Worked, i sugest adding this to the faq, going to buy, tnks a lot and nice work



how do i get a new patreon key?

In the first screen press "Login with Patreon", it'll open your web browser and generate a new key once you login

Honestly I don't think this game works looking throughout the comments its just full of people having issues I've never seen anyone play this and am thinking it's a con was hoping to play the demo but sure as the comments say not working why am I not surprised don't waste your money 


Hello, what issue are you having exactly? Please check the FAQ here: https://captain-hardcore.com/faq/


are you going relese full copy on here down road 

I keep getting the unrecognized file error message when I try to sideload the demo also should I drag the whole file or just the one that says free demo?

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In the Quest version I keep having to enter the key. Am I missing something or will I have to do so every time?

I'm not sure.. Does demo version suppose to crush after about 1 min of gameplay. Alse is it possible to download apk of demo version for quest 2? Because so far I only found a zip file for demo.

Do you have any intentions of adding the feature to add dicks to girls? There is quite a big Futanari crowd out there :)

Yes, this is definitely planned for later in development

Yo I think the demo is not working, and I cant get it to run on my vr

Do you have any more details? Is there an error message?

how do you side load the demo for quest



ive just wanted to download it on your patreon side but with the payment "Skrill" it got refused :/


Unfortunately I can't help with payment issues, you'd have to contact Patreon or try a different payment method to resolve this


nevermind... just ordered a creditcard that will get delivered in some days this should work then :)

My payment refuses to go through on your patreon

what is included on the quest ver?

Sorry for the late reply - Quest version 0.5 is out now and includes Male characters, POV mode and 5 new toys. You can spawn up to 5 characters, record animations and save/load scenes. Environments had to be simplified for performance reasons but the core sandbox experience is still there.

I would become a pateron if the demo  would run on my pc. It starts fine and appears to work as intended for about one minute then just closes. Maybe it just the lame spec of my machine which is running 10th gen i3 1005 g1 chipset, 8GB RAM, 64 bit win 10 any ideas.

Hey yeah that CPU is below the recommended spec but you should still be able to run it without crashing.

If there's no error message it usually means there's a software/hardware conflict. Or maybe your Antivirus.

how much are you planning on selling the quest version (once it's full release and not on patreon)  

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I assume the free demo doesn't support vr yet/ever

Yeh it does support it! Steam VR is required to play in VR mode

if a quest update comes what will it be?

An update was released recently (v0.4)



I got this on patreon and I'm very happy with my purchase, highly recommend it! Sooo much easier to get started with than with VAM, very intuitive and well thought out! Love the cozy rooms of the ship environment and all the sound and "AI" details! Keep up the fantastic work!

Some feedback and feature requests: 

Bug: vertex normals don't get recalculated after changing morphs. You can see this the best when you put a light above a woman and fully flatten the breasts with morphs. The shading ignores the new shape and still draws the shadow on the lower half of the now flat breast. This is also visible in some other places like nose shapes, but this is the most obvious. 

Feature request: bone-level scaling of all the major body parts would be a huge plus for body diversity. Right now tall or short ladies don't look quite right because the global scale slider doesn't adjust the proportions. E.g. check out the "height", "body scale" and "head scale" pose morphs in VAM, those are super useful high-level controls that I miss here.

Feature request: I don't know how hard it is to port existing DAZ morphs, but some more preset morphs with +/- slider range would always be great! You can get interesting variety from mixing different full body/face morph presets at slightly positive and negative values.

Feature request: plug type toys like the doe strapon or BPs should maybe stick a little harder in place and change the internal collider so that it doesn't interfere with a second adjacent toy.

Feature request: option to disable the "sweating", maybe an "auto" checkbox next to the "skin wetness" slider that defaults to "on" and can be turned off?

Feature request: "carrot" type toy for the hungry bunnygirls, with a widely ranging size slider in the properties, and a conical, slightly cartoony shape. The pointy tip would still allow insertion at all scaling sizes.

Feature request: "auto" checkbox option for cum fluid sim that exposes sliders for threshold, intensity and length (maybe a pulsing slider too). Essentially an immersive auto-orgasm feature that should be fairly easy to implement from the data you already have for the sound system. Just track an arousal value from the number of moans played, and trigger orgasm event after threshold and then reset the value.


Thank you for the awesome feedback!

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for a 10$ dollar a month how many more option do I get than just the demo at 20$ you seem to get the whole.

The $10 build has most things unlocked, lots of toys, multiple characters, scene saving, animation recording and more. The $20 version has some extras toys, a giantess scene, and other experimental features.  You can read more about the differences on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CaptainHardcore

Do you need patreon for sex/penetration? I can only get oral but thats it

Yes the Patreon version has a lot more features, including scene saving, ass and pussy penetration and lots of toys.

Any estimate when the next Quest update will be out?

I'm currently working on PC version 0.9, Quest will get an update after this!

will there be a Quest 2 demo

There's no free version for Quest but you can get the current build here: https://captain-hardcore.com/quest

Whats microsoft visual C++ 2015 runtime and DirectX runtime? it says its required to open the application but i just need know if i can trust it or not.

Look in the game folder and run the prerequisites installer found here:


Hopefully that will get it running!

can i pay the full version with paysafe?

or can you get a 10 euro paypal card?

I've not heard of Paysafe but Patreon accepts most debit/credit cards and Paypal

So can you download the demo on the quest 2

This version is for PC but there's a sideloadable Quest version available on Patreon: https://captain-hardcore.com/quest/

You can also play this version on PC and the Quest 2 with link cable or wireless streaming.

I don't suppose there' any troubleshooting for playing this with the Rift S? I've been trying all night and somehow noone seems to have had this problem, or even released a tutorial on how it should be done right in the first place. I'm blundering in the dark, Anti. Please help, your game is amazing.

Hey what problem are you having exactly? It should work as long as long as you have steam VR installed. Just download the file and extract it with winrar or 7zip, then launch Captain Hardcore.exe to play.

will the demo verson come to quest?

There's a standalone quest version already: https://captain-hardcore.com/quest

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